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The Gold Reaper

News about Intel processor support ?

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Phone : Zenfone 2 ZE551ML, Android 5.0, on Asus' Launcher (unmoddified and not root) and sure, with a great Intel Processor...

Hello Klei' staff,

  I bought Don't Starve Pocket Edition one year ago (just before the release of the character RoB), my phone is (and was) a Zenfone 2 ZE551ML so I wasn't abble to acces to the main menu (the so know "instant crash") and you weren't sure to abbandon support for Intel processors but I didn't saw news so I forget the game. Since one week I re-wants to play this game and I look on the web for news but anything... like if all content name "Don't Starve" and "Intel" or "Zenfone" was delete on all the internet (like no more videos on YouTube).

  I asked you this by email at your support email for Don't Starve but I have just automatics answers so it's useless and I write this on this forums to have news about the statut of the game (Should I wait 2 years a new phone or just a update that the unban Zenfones on the PlayStore to see if the actual updates (like the "native compatibility with x86 processors" that I am not abble to install) can make the game running on my phone ?)

Thank you for a clear (not like the FAQ, sorry) answer

PS : I wasn't abble to switch my PlayStore's langage to english




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JanH    7825

The Google Play Store App automatically checks your device to see if it meets or surpasses the game's device/system requirements. Sadly, if Google Play indicates that your device is incompatible, the game will most likely not work on your Android tablet or phone and Google Play will not allow your account to purchase or download it. 

That being said, if you would like a refund for the purchase (as your phone is incompatible with the device), please provide our livesupport team ( with the email address you use on Google Play Store to purchase and the transaction ID (it starts with a GPA) and we will be happy to issue a refund for you.

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