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swamp crash standalone win7 x64

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-standalone RoG win7 x64

-don´t use mods

Version: 194670

-the game crashes sometimes at the swamp.

character: wigfrid

world: default plus

location: swamps

webber not yet unlocked

It only crashes at the swamp (only tested with wigfrid),  (often when there are fishmen or tentacles there?)

-to reproduce, i added a quick savegame.

game 4. follow the cliffs towards south (west), run around in the swamp.

antivirus deactivated

any solution, e.g. how i can downgrade my version or redownload the current version is appreciated.

EDIT: i already deleted several games, its not just one bugged world.














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Hi @Papadope, welcome to the forums!

Seems like the standalone version of RoG still hasn't been updated by Klei. :( I've uploaded a fix here. You'll also want this fix for another crash. Download the zip files, extract them to the mods folder of your DS installation and apply them via the mods menu. As far as I can tell, the only difference between the Steam and the standalone versions are these two issues and a minor visual correction.

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I have been experiencing the same problems as Papadope. Crashing in the swamp biomes repeatedly. At first I thought it was the mods I was using, though I only have convenience and aesthetic mods enabled, then I disabled mods and still got crashes. I decided to check the forums and I see I'm not the only one to have been hit. I will check out Alainmcd's fixes and hopefully there will be an official fix.


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