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Streaming Authentication, Login Failed

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I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if I'm just dumb and have no idea what's going on, but every time I open Don't Starve it says in the upper left hand corner "Streaming Authenticat" and then attempts to log me in (I'm assuming to twitch) and then fails. This wouldn't be an issue if "Login Failed" didn't stay on the top of the screen forever. No matter how long the game is open for, "Login Failed" stays in the upper left hand corner and refuses to go away. I haven't played in about a year, maybe a little more, and I remember there being a broadcasting option but it's no longer there, so I'm not really sure what to do about this. 


Any help would be appreciated, I've honestly got no idea what to do about this and I find it supremely annoying to play with that message constantly in the corner. 

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Thanks for the reply, @JanH. I actually had a fully updated version, but I decided to try and go through the steps on that page once again. I had automatic updates turned on, restarted Steam and then opened Don't Starve after making sure I had the latest version only to see the same "Login Failed" message on the upper left. At that point I just decided to see if I could update it through the files in the Klei folder, and I'm not sure why I didn't just try this before, but I ended up just opening the settings.ini for Don't Starve and ended up seeing that there was a [broadcasting] section in the ini.


wathgrithrfont = true
vibration = false
netbook_mode = false
controller_popup = true
autocompiler_enabled = true
sendstats = true

windowed_width = 1858
windowed_height = 1057
window_x = 62
window_y = 23
bloom = false
distortion = false
screenshake = true
HUDSize = 5
use_small_textures = false
fullscreen_width = 1920
fullscreen_height = 1080
display_id = 0
refresh_rate = 60
fullscreen = false

volume_ambient = 1
volume_sfx = 1
volume_music = 1

enabled = false
frame_rate = 15
bit_rate = 500
audio_enabled = true
microphone_enabled = false
smooth_scaling = false
webcam_enabled = false
webcam_alpha = 0.800000
visible_chat = true


I'm not sure if the broadcasting section was suppose to still be there or not, but it was set to enabled = true, so I changed it to false and opened up Don't Starve again to see that the message was gone. Not sure if anyone else has ever had this problem before or if I'm some kind of freak of nature?



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Would you be able to send us your log.txt file? This should help us investigate this issue further. You will find the log.txt in your documents folder at C:\Users\{UserName}\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\log.txt


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