Warrick the Afflicted is finally released, I'd like to thank all the people who made it possible (added to credits below), their code and advice helped me to get this far; hopefully after the testing that's been done it should be rather stable. Link to steam release ------------------------------------------------ ---   "Warrick The Afflicted" ------------------------------------------------
Version 1.0

Adds Warrick, with full dialogue; uses Wallace's voice.
Health: 100, Sanity: 150, Hunger: 150     Knows about gems, starts with ice staff and a red gem.     Can create powerful obelisks from the "Obelisk magic" tab.     Is afflicted with nightmare/shadow:         - Warrick persistantly loses sanity, even when he gains it.         - Gains speed closer to insanity.         - At 85%+ sanity develops grogginess and shadows envelope Warrick.         - At 25% or lower, sanity randomly causes occasional madness lasting from 15-30 seconds,summoning shadow creatures to attack Warrick. Added Structures:     (Version 1.0): Ice Obelisk, Fire Obelisk, Cursed Obelisk.     (Version 1.3): Nature's Monolith Added Item:     Nightmare Ectoplasm. Current issues:     - Fire and Ice Obelisks are useful, but not considered popular during testing.     - Need a method to prevent excessive Obelisks or proximity building.     - Want to add coloured text for both client and server during "key" sanity moments. Future aims (I'd like to implement):     Major         - Create corruption widget, enabling me to refine the character mechanic some.        - Make sure fire/ice obelisk are worth while building.     Normal priority     - Character sound file needs adjusting: preferable a bass     - Orange gem obelisk/s: "Void Obelisk"         A void tears between these towers, a familar sound echos from its depths.     - Yellow gem obelisk: "Solar Obelisk" (name not fixed)         Functionality is under consideration.     - Iridescent/Opal gem obelisk: (Pending name)         Functionality might include a "full moon" lighted area, including additional qualities. Customisable features: - You can turn off Nightmare ectoplasm drops from shadow creatures if you wish.- You can preview the widget I have in works(functionality is excluded and it'll disappear after 5 seconds). ------------ Last note: If there are any problems with the mod, just send a message my way. I don't always intend for the mechanic to work the way it does, currently it's a little challenging due to the random chance of gaining madness. In addition I really want to get obelisks limited in one way or another. All in all I just hope if you choose to play it that you'll be able to enjoy it. Help request: If anyone is good at implementing widgets for DST I'd love to hear from you. This character could really use with a separate stat for corruption; I'm currently at a rocky start, however I have a basic system in place and wouldn't mind some guidance. ------------ Credits:         -- Credits to Malacath
            A very nice item tutorial, without working items it's hard to test the flow of your own mod.
                Link to post
        -- Credits to Dleowolf: 
            For both the tab system and the extended character template, kudos for your service to the community!
                Link to post
        -- Credits to Rōnin
            Creator of Miami Rick, who helped me with some basic character creation issues. ("Thanks bud!")
            It's Miami Rick
        -- Credits to "Rubynoof" and "Zak"
            Fellow university graduates and friends, without network testing this modification would have been 
            potentially swamped with bugs and such.
        -- Credits to DarkXero
            Aided in the identification and solution to client side related bugs.
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        -- Credits to Simplex
            Using the krane tool, I was able to reconstruct a valid badge widget.
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        -- Still a work in progress, but very much important.