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ImDaMisterL    20,273

Hello, and welcome to the Tutorials & Guides section of the Don't Starve Mods and Tools forum. You are probably here due to one of two reasons:

  1. "I have a question regarding a mod of mine and want to ask for help, since this is the tutorial and guides section!"
  2. "I have a tutorial/guide that I want to publish to help out other users!"

If you are here for the second reason, then you are in the right place. Feel free to post your tutorial/guide, it'll help out a lot of people, both now and in the future to come.

I feel like it should also be noted that any and all DST tutorials should be posted over at the Don't Starve Together Mods and Tools forum, and not here.

If you are here for the first reason and none of the existing tutorials were able to help you, please note that the Don't Starve Mods and Tools section is where you should look next. If you want to make a topic asking for help, do so there, as this subforum is reserved only for posting tutorials/guides.

Also, before you make a new thread, use the searchbar to see if what you want to know hasn't already been asked (and answered) before.

Thank you all for understanding, and have an amazing time modding!

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