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Equitable Item Not Displaying In Hand

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Jashbebz    0

I've been trying to make a working mod for a few days now (Very simple premise, just re-illustrate a design for a weapon) , so I'll lay this trial and error down,

1.) Found a Mod on Steam I'd Use as template 

                  a.) Link HERE

2.) Opened the .zip files

3.) Converted the .tex files into .png files using Matt's Tools

4.) Used Photoshop to edit the .png files to what I wanted them to look like, keeping the dimmensions

5.) Used Matt's Tools to convert the .png files back into .tex files

6.) Re-.ziped the files

7.) Finallized by placing file into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\mods

8.) Lauched game, made a game with ONLY  that mod (the one I had just reillistrated)

9.) Crafted said item, doesn't show, and had a glitched image when held in cursor:

               a.) Here

              b.) And here

10.) Wondered if it was original mod

11.) Launched another game with only the original mod I used as a template

12.) No problems, worked fine

13.) ?????


So, any help would be appreciated, I'll leave the .zip of the mod in question here, maybe someone can find something, 



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