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I cannot host a server?


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Okay so I was playing solo on DST, and I went to re-log to ease the lag and afterwards, it pops up with an error once I try to start my server again, "Dedicated server failed to start: there was some kind of trouble starting up the server. how odd"

I have tried:

  • restarting DST
  • re-installing DST
  • turning off all mods, client and server
  • making a new server
  • having no customizations

I have looked all around the forums and there are some from 2016 that haven't been answered even by a developer with all details included, just as i am going to include in this one. I have searched and searched and there is no answer, I'm very aggravated with how little this issue has been dealt with, seeing posts from FEB, 8 2016 that haven't even been answered only "turn off mods" things that I have tried and done and still don't work.

From what I know, I am not hosting a dedicated server only one you can host in the "host server" tab, ones I use for solos and to play with friends I don't even know how to host a dedicated server so this is the major thing that is confusing me. If I could get SOME kind of help it would be greatly appreciated.

I have put all text scripts for DST and a NRB (new reign beta)







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