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Wilson's Wonderland - DST Forum Steam Group

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Wilson's Wonderland is a Steam Group founded and designed for DST forum members.

The goal of the group is to provide a concentrated and safe environment for forum goers to talk, connect and play Don't Starve Together-together.


Wilson's Wonderland is a private group exclusive for members of the Klei Forums who are decently known. This is to ensure the group will be safe from harassers, antisocial loners, so on. If you wish to join, contact @Tylordian by message on the Klei Forums. If you are a member you may also recommend close friends of yours to join, but only close friends who you trust and know will be good players. The point is for this to be a safe and healthy environment, which means the community must be carefully regulated.

A Discord, as well as dedicated servers, will be set up soon once the group has become stable.



The standard of joining is that one must have at least fifty likes attributed to their Klei Forum account to join.

The standard of recommending a close friend who does not have a Klei Forum account requires at least two hundred likes on your account.

Otherwise, the only requirements are a good; no hostility, no disruption and no elitism attitude.

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Donke60    3101

Hello all I'm hear to announce that are server will be doing our first challenge.

We will be starting a challenge, one to beat all the others. This challenge will have all monsters turned up to high frequency, trap setpieces everywhere you look, random seasons, and almost everything in the game will kill you. No Wigfrids or Wolfgangs are allowed. Only on Wilson's Wonderland!

I hope you understand we Want this to be has hard as possible.

However we would like to remain a private group so its invite only and we are a group for active forum members so there are a few requirements to being accepted into are group and the go as follows.

  •  for a forum member to join is that they must have at least fifty likes associated with their forum accounts.
  • If you want to recruit a close friend to the group, who does not have a forum account, also keep in mind that currently at least two hundred likes is required on your forum account for you to submit a friend to join who is not on the forums. This is to ensure everybody doesn't flood the group with requests for all their random buddies to join.

As you can see there are not that many guidelines these are in place here so that the group remains active and friendly.
If you would like to join are group then message I @Donke60, @Tylordian and @The Curator where if you are accepted we will send a friend request and then invite you to the group.

Now the The offical server challege will begin Next week Friday.
We hope you to see you with us!

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