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Help! Does anyone know a way to get around the seasons bug?? PS4

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The PS4 version (which I bought semi recently) has an issue where if you enter the caves, the game for some reason switches season. The way it has happened for me twice now is that when I enter the caves it starts raining permanently and then the game starts transitioning into winter. Right now it has started raining permanently, the daytime is super short as if Winter is starting but everything is acting as if it's spring again (bees are red, bunny holes have collapsed) and it's really annoying. 


I've checked the forums before posting this and there are people who have reported similar issues since 2016 yet it seems there still hasn't been a fix made to this? Is there any way to get around it without just not visiting the caves? I refuse to play without the caves since I really enjoy them and this is a really stupid issue, if there is no workaround I'll just move on to something else. Thanks in advance for any responses.

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