I claim no responsibility over this den of iniquity, a lot of people from the forums made me do this. Yeah, I wash my hands in innocent babes. Simply put, I've got DeviantArt (like you couldn't simply figure it out just by typing my nick in the right place in the URL), I usually post smaller works I'm commissioned there, but a bit ago, I started littering it with DST fewmets as well. Because of that, you get visual manure like: - this: - this (for @Youknowwho): - this (for @DragonMage156): - this (for @minespatch): - this (for @Weirdobob): - and this: - or maybe this: - perhaps this little abomination: - possibly this: - and definitely this: - and this, both for @PanAzej: - or this: - and if that reaction, this one as well: - and for sure this: - and without doubt this: - or this: And many a visual abomination to haunt you till the end of time. By the way, thanks to @Instant-Noodles for the many references. Now, I'll find the door after picking up the bits of dignity I've still left.