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We are currently working on porting the mod project to DST

Here is a place where you can post any suggestions that you have for Hero in the Dark.in DST


If you have any ideas about monsters, magic, items etc, This is the place to post. Please be as detailed as possible and try to stay on topic. I can't promise that any idea placed here will be used but I can promise that we will read them. We have a very detailed plan for this mod far into future updates, but we are willing to listen to anyone that might have some ideas to throw at us ;)

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So my suggestion is to make Magic to be permanent/ more durability for more cost , or could be repaired, this would feel more rewarding

Also try to make some synergy characters , for example in the main game Wickerbottom + WX-78 with lighting book

Also idea for difficulty, for example you could set "difficulty " to 1, 2, 3 where all mobs' stats will be multiplied

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