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DragonMage156    27526
11 hours ago, watermelen671 said:

Added it to the refs corner. I still haven't forgotten about ya Mage, now that I've got all this time on my hands. :wilson_goodjob:

No prob. Btw, if you ever need more OCs to make... here they are ^ XD

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minespatch    83536

Catnip just makes my cats violent toward plushies.:wilson_ecstatic:

I remember seeing these last night. Bunch of fun last night.

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DragonMage156    27526

Some genderbents and other stuff:





Ria: Hey Whisks, ever notice Victor isn't as uptight ever since Flix got here?
Whiskers: You mean mister "I'm grumpy 24/7"?


Flix: What's the problem?
Victor: You're the problem!


Ria: They make an... interesting couple.
Whiskers: Wait they're a couple?!
Ria: Eh... it's more one sided.
Whiskers: ... poor Flix.


There's also a "sort of" RP me and Horsey but it's mildly NSFW implied ^^;

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