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How to kill Water Beefalo?

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Thieverpedia    378

Surely, I'm missing something here, but water beefalos seem damn near impossible to kill. The moment I hit them, they strike back instantly, giving me no chance to kite them. I would just tank the one, but then the whole herd starts chasing me and I can't lure just the one away.

Mostly, this is just for the helmet, but the dripple pipes could be handy for some manure-less farming.

The mass killing strategy involves a Volcanic Staff when they huddle together at dusk, but there's two problems with that. One, that's a waste of meat that I likely wouldn't use all of before it spoiled, even if I dried it as they spoiled. The other problem is sea hounds. All that meat in the water will attract a horde to the spot, which will proceed to eat all the precious meat and make it a pain to collect the horns.

The other strategy is ranged weapons. Blow darts seem a little expensive to use for a chance at a horn and speargun means I would likely lose track of the beefalo by the time I retrieved my weapon. The latter seems more doable, but I'm still wondering if there's a better way.

Any tips?

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Ispin69    50

For me, I take advantage of the (sea) hound attacks. I have a small herd or two of water beefalo on my base island. I jump on my row boat with sail and sail around until all the sea hounds spawn in the water, sometimes half spawn on land because I don't row around enough (probably 15 or so seconds after you see all of them). Then hop off the boat onto land, they will go after the water beefalo. The beefalo will win the fight and you can hope for 1-2 beefalo casualties over time (2-3 hound attacks). I have 4-5 horns so far, made two horned helmets. I do notice the beefalo herd thinning which is why I now go to another island with beefalo (3 herds) when there is a hound attack. You should also know that every time you jump onto boat or off boat before (under a minute) the hound attack, it usually resets 60 second delay to the timer.

I feel like dripple pipes are a waste, even for summers in ROG. They only rain for half a day and only 5 uses? Spontaneous combustion occurs at night as well. So one dripple pipe lasts 2 and half days --- when summer lasts 20? You still need ice flingomatics. The only benefits I could see are for mushrooms to grow. I've seen someone with an island full of mushrooms and they based there. For someone like that, it might be worth it.

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