Hey everyone, first off, we’d like to thank you for playing the Oxygen Not Included Alpha. We were blown away by everyone’s excitement and response to the alpha, and we really appreciate all the feedback we’ve received since then. We’ve been working on a bunch of new content as well as fixing up bugs these past couple weeks and we are looking forward to sharing it with you - but first we need your help in testing it in a preview branch before the live release. NOTE: Please be prepared for occasional (or possibly frequent) inconveniences. The preview branch is used for early testing which means that the game will potentially be less stable and have more bugs than when it will at release. If you are interested in helping us with this testing process, here are the details on how to access the preview branch: Oxygen Not Included Preview Branch Requirements: You must own Oxygen Not Included The game must not be running when opting into the preview branch Current save files will not be compatible with this build How to access the Thermal Upgrade Preview Branch Once again thank you for your help, everyone. We are really excited to get the new update content into your hands and we are very much looking forward to your feedback. As always, please post any bugs or issues you encounter to our Bug Tracker, and any feedback or questions for the current update on our Feedback Forum. If you haven't joined the Oxygen Not Included Alpha, get the game here. Full patch notes