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I've created a mod to add a new creature, the Landshark, to the game. I've done testing locally, but haven't had a chance to test with other players or evaluate the balance.

So here is the link - if you can give it a try and report back any bugs you find here, I'll see about improving it.

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Touctoot    107


Really wanted to do a doodle cause I thought this idea was really awesome, great job!
Love the creativity in this! :D

Just as a suggestion, could you maybe add a setting for how many that spawn?
Possibly from Jaws [Few] to Sharknado? [Whole Screen being filled]

Other than that though, great mod! nwn ❤

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minespatch    95009
2 hours ago, Thibooms said:

What makes them spawn?

Maybe you can borrow some mechanics from the tentacles in the marsh biome to get what you want? I also recommend that another trigger would be bright yellow. Borrowing elements from how sharks react to bright yellow colors.

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They spawn like hound attacks - just wait around and they should show up. It's got a warning, as well as the tunneling sound, and then depending on the difficulty and duration, they'll show up.

Interesting idea on number of spawns. I've got a version of the number that spawn worked up(Jaws -> default -> Frenzy -> Sharknado) - just need to wait out the clock and make sure the warnings work on the lowest setting, and seem reasonable on the high numbers.

I didn't know about the yellow thing... might not be common knowledge enough for players to expect? That said, if you're injured enough, it will try to attack birds (which I find amusing). Chester also is a prime target.. wasn't sure if I should specifically target it and demote it's priority so the shark doesn't just chomp at it.

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