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possible bug please clarify


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If you wish to skip to main question and not care about the backstory, scroll to the bottom part

So I've played shipwrecked for quite a while now, and I've not made a base on the beach because of the tides. My personal goal is to always make a base that could theoretically last forever. Self sustainable base if you will. But to make sandbags, you need machetes to get cloth from bamboo...only machetes cost flint, which I think is a non-renewable resource. So another option was that I made a new world and went into the settings and went to the floods setting and changed that to none. I would assume this should make it that there are no natural floods created from the shore (not rain puddles), but yet, there is still flooding from the shore.

What exactly is the purpose of setting floods to none before you create your world if floods still appear from the shores at night naturally regardless (not made from rain puddles)? How exactly does this setting work? I would love some clarification and if it is a bug then can we please fix it? Would be really nice if I could make a base on the beach without having to make sandbags constantly. That, or make a gold machete would be nice since gold is renewable and flint is not. Thanks

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