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[Game Update] - (BETA) 208993

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CaptainChaotica    6018

Aha, yes!  This seems to be a good comrpomise between having the mini-glaciers stay around in SOME form _all the time_...and having them just be, poof! gone forever once you mine them, as in singleplayer.  (Which still makes me kinda sad. There's not that many of them on an average map to begin with and even with only ONE person playing, over a long enough time...)

And the pengulls!  Maybe now they can come back to Capistrano Camp One-Foot-in-the-Grave.  It's my world with 40-day winters, after all--they oughta love it!

Also, no sooner does the skeleton even set _foot_ above ground than he gets turned into a meme. No wonder he wanted to stay in the underground all this time!  ;)

(Surface glowberries?  Really? they spawn depths worms?  Or do we just get cool glowy plants to see by at night? Also I now want to _see_ an Antlion sinkhole repair right in front of me.  That sounds like it would look freaky.)


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Asparagus    9135
1 minute ago, Histekia said:

The new skeleton is like a big baby dork, he does nothing, hurts no one and when he walks cave flowers etc blooom around him, but standing next to him drains a LOT of sanity and bunnyman AND CATCOONS attack him for no reason!
Also he looks like he is in a lot of pain (headache) and sometime loose some limbs that he has to put back when he walks?


By the way this is the right skeleton and it can only be revived at night!
poor baby


Really?!  A GENTLE GIANT?! *boots up game*

My lawn statue is gonna be my new best friend O__O... (hope the Houndius Shootius doesn't kill it O__O)

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