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Loot tables for Marble Shrubs aren't changing...

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EuedeAdodooedoe    1187

Here is the code I edited and wrote for changing marble shrub loot tables, but it doesn't work. I can't spot anything wrong with it, and neither could a programmer I talked to, so I thought I'd ask here (the code is place within modmain.lua):

local statedataW =
	{ -- short
		idleanim    = "idle_short",
		hitanim     = "hit_short", 
		breakanim   = "mined_short",
		growanim    = "grow_tall_to_short",
		growsound   = "dontstarve/common/together/marble_shrub/wilt_to_grow", 
		loot        = function() return {"marble", "marblebean"} end,
	{ -- normal
		idleanim    = "idle_normal",
		hitanim     = "hit_normal", 
		breakanim   = "mined_normal",
		growanim    = "grow_short_to_normal", 
		growsound   = "dontstarve/common/together/marble_shrub/grow", 
		loot        = function() return {"marble", "marble", "marble", "marblebean"} end,
	{ -- tall
		idleanim    = "idle_tall",
		hitanim     = "hit_tall", 
		breakanim   = "mined_tall",
		growanim    = "grow_normal_to_tall", 
		growsound   = "dontstarve/common/together/marble_shrub/grow", 
		loot        = function() return {"marble", "marble", "marble", "marble", "marblebean"} and math.random() < 0.95 and {"marble"} or {"marblebean"} end,

local function MarbleLootW(prefab)
	prefab.components.lootdropper.statedata = statedataW

 AddPrefabPostInit("marbleshrub", MarbleLootW)


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