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Leonardo Cox

Playable Pets

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Leonardo Cox    623

Playable Pets has been on the workshop for awhile now but I figure why not make a thread about it here.

Looking for Help


I am not looking for any kind of help atm.


Playable Pets is a series of mods that makes most mobs in the game into playable characters, it is basically a successor to the playable mobs mod made by Indie (I don't know his forum name...) a long time ago. The mod is very configurable and has a couple of neat features as well.

You can view/download all the mods here.




-Most mobs have proper nightvision.

-Some mobs have placeable homes.

-You can return to the character selectscreen by pressing P.

-Mobs might do certian things when you press Z(often used for sleep), X(often used for taunts), C(often used for special attacks).

-Some craftables avaible to specific mobs (pigtorch, sleepable pighouse, etc.)

-Skins! (see below)

-Some mobs can grow up into their adult counterparts!

-Some mobs get a special item to allow them to do something.


Configuration Options



-Enable/Disable specific mobs.

-Enable/Disable Mob's hunger.

-Enable/Disable Night Vision.

-Enable/Disable Sanity.

-Enable/Disable MobAllCraft Mode (Most mob's actions are disabled by default, this lets them do most things that normal characters can do)

-Settings for how players recieve Mob Homes.

-Enable/Disable change character functions.

-Decide how much damage mobs do to players.

-Change the playing style for mobs (only supports PvP right now and is still a wip)

-Enable/Disable fire/burning abilities on some mobs.



General Info:




Q. Why multiple mods? Why not just make one mod?

DST's steam workshop has a file size limit and quite of the few of the existing mods already come close to hitting that cap on their own.

Q. I noticed that not all mobs in the game are playable? Why not?

Some mobs cannot be made playable with their assets/how they work. Generally I add mobs soon after they get added into the game, so if your mob isn't in, it was most likely incompatible.

Q. How do you access Forest Skeleton's true form???


Q. Why does this mod not work with Modded Skins API anymore?

The mod was broken after an overhaul to the game's menus/ui a few years back and has not been updated since. Skins are now accessed with the chat command:

/setskin x

where x is the skin (0 for default/remove skin)

Q. Playable Pets SW has no sounds/ Playable Pets Hamlet crashes on start up!?

Please ensure you have the assets for those mods installed and enabled (can be found in the mod page in the right side)

Q. Do I need to own Shipwrecked & Hamlet to play those versions?

No. They're all independent and can be played for free.

Q. Wheres the changelogs for these updates to the mods?

Due to frequency of updates and overall laziness  I only post changes in the PP Discord.

Q. I found bugs! Where can I tell you about them?

You can post them on the mod's workshop page's bug thread or post them in the discord. Its probably not a good idea to DM here as I'm not incredibly active on the forums. On the other places I mentioned, I get pinged each time someone posts there. So its the best way to grab my attention.

Q. Can you add [mob] from this [mod]?

I will not be adding mobs from custom mods at this time.

Q. What are contributor skins and how do I obtain one?

Contributor skins are skins (via the setskin method mentioned above) that are custom made for contributors of the mod as thanks for their work.

Q. I've heard that using this mod makes you a furry... thats not true right?

Yes, it's true. Only furries use this mod.

Q. Why do people keep calling me a Fuelweaver main?

Because you are. Stop being bad at the game.

Q. Is it true that you solo'd Swineclops in forge with no cheats!?!?!

Yes, its true.

Q. When will the Official PP Server be up?




Major Bugs:



-If Movement Prediction is enabled, it will make mob players invisible from the clientside view. This is due to the Movement Prediction using wilson's animations for predicition.

-Mobs will not be able to do some actions even with moballcraft mode on. Like using wormholes, riding beefalo (imagine whales riding beefalo), wrapping, or fishing. Some of these are bugs, some of them (like riding beefalo) will require custom animations which isn't my strongsuit.

-Incompatibility with some mods. This is due to a lot of mods assuming (and for good reason) that the player will always be modeled after "wilson" and use his stategraph. Since every mob is unique and use their own stategraph, they will be initially incompatible with mods that force wilson animations/states.  Mods like Combined Status and Minimap Mod work perfectly fine with it.


Special Thanks:

-Lily, Amir, RocketSM, Capt. Kickass, and Kwitchler for playtesting the mod in the prereleased builds of the mod and convinced me to make it public.

-Logzombie and Xiao for making 95% of the skins in the mod.

-Cheshire Crow for making a lot of the portraits in the mod. (His are the really good looking ones, mine are the bad ones).

-The forums for bits of information that helped out when developing the mod (this is my first mod ever).

-The many users of Playable Pets whose feedback helped improve the mod in many ways that I could not have done alone.

-A certain crow for teaching me how to code and giving support.


Other stuff that might be worth noting I GUESS:

Steam Group (if you want announcement of major updates to the mod I guess?)

Discord Group

If you got any feedback/suggestions let me know.

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Leonardo Cox    623

I don't know why I wasn't notified, but no. Right now its Steam only, it will be released outside of steam when the mod is finished.

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dimon_omon    0
On 5/31/2017 at 11:52 PM, Leonardo Cox said:

I don't know why I wasn't notified, but no. Right now its Steam only, it will be released outside of steam when the mod is finished.


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