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Xedlord    1290

Ok so I had an idea for what an underwater world could be like (that is if they ever added it) would this is what I was thinking there could be different water depths and they would change where the water depths changed above water and the would be different mobs at different depths and in shallow water in the day it would be light at dusk it would be kinda dark and at night it would be pitch black then in the moderately deep water it would be kinda dark at both dusk and day and pitch black at night then in the deep water it would be pitch black at both day dusk and night and in the deep waters there would be fearsome and terrifying deep sea creatures

and underwater there would be tropical fish swimming around and the underwater world would stretch across the the whole world accept where the islands are and when you go into mangrove swamps you might get attacked by leeches which would be like slurpers except they would drain your health instead of your hunger and they would equip in your chest slot instead of in your head slot and fire of course wouldn't work underwater so you would have to rely on other sources of light like bottle lanterns etc. Or maybe a brand new kind of fire pit made out of empty bottles×3 rocks×12 bioluminescence×1 and it would look like a regular fire pit with the ring of rocks except where the fire would normally be there would be a small glass dome full of bioluminescence and it would give of light and the more food (seaweed, fish, monster meat, etc.) you feed it the more light it will give off

but it won't provide heat and you can't cook on it so for heat you will have to use a heater which you would make out of electrical doodads×2 thermal stone×1 obsidian×3 and hence the name it would provide heat but I'm not sure what you would use to cook stuff though but anyway I also thought of a way bioluminescence could be renewable I thought that there could be anglerfish (or something like them) that would live in deep water and they would drop bioluminescence because in real life anglerfish don't make there own light but instead they attract bioluminesent bacteria (aka bioluminescence) so it would be a solution to a problem and make sense at the same time

and how you would survive underwater would be that you would wear a diver's helmet and you would use air tanks to refill the helmet and you would make it out of empty bottle×1 cloth×2 and also I thought that since the Quacken is supposed to live underwater and you have to disturb the water for her to come then it would only make sense if you could happen upon the Quacken while you were in deep water and you would then be able to see it's whole body and the fight would be a little different in that instead of choking up ink/oil bubbles she would spit clouds of ink/oil that would be like the pools of ink/oil except much bigger and she would have a bite attack (like she should have above water) and she would of course drop a Quacken beak which would be used to make the quackering ram and maybe even the sharkius shootius

also you could find rocks and coral reefs and there would be kelp forests and you could chop (or hack) down the kelp trees to get bunches of seaweed  oh yes I also wanted to mention some mobs I came up with: so first I came up with the pirelican it's part piranha and part pelican and it would have the head of a pelican but with sharp teeth and it would have scales on it's body and a tail like a fish and would be hostile to everything except other pirelicans and they would spawn from poop covered rocks in the ocean and kinda like sea hounds every time you drop fish meat on the ground there is a chance it will spawn a pirelican which will try to eat the fish meat and attack anything around it and they would of course be able to swim  ok on to the next one aquatic spiders and they would be pretty much what the name says aquatic spiders and I'm not sure what they look like but they would probably live underwater only so I don't know much about them except that they live underwater ok now on to the last one this one I'm not to sure about his name is Mc Fin (not sure about the name either) he would be like Mc Tusk except he would be a narwhal and he would use a spear gun instead of a blow dart and he would be able to swim and he would drop a Tusk 

Ok I took me hours to write this and days to come up with the stuff and how to say it so I hope you like it and feel free to tell me what you do and don't like about it and suggestions for changes and additions :)

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MoloMan    421

I came up with a similar idea a really long time ago! This sounds really cool, and I love the quacken idea that sounds truly terrifying!

here's some ideas for ya if you want to read it!

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