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This game is awesome

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Blue_Magic    1

I got invisible on my ps4 for free and at first i was like " aah there you go another trash indie game -.- ". I did not even know what it was about. So, after downloading it, cause i was bored, i started playing it and i found out it was a turn base strategy game, it looked good, sounded good, gameplay was solid and was a stealth game! Omg it was just what i was looking for. Basically xcom 2 without the annoying "kill everything" objective. I tried so many times to sneak around enemies in xcom 2 but it just doesn't work. This game feels to me like a fusion between splinter cell xcom2 and mass effect for some reason lol, and i like it a lot.

I just finished a endless campaign with archive prism and derek...totally OP, maxed their skills and gave them biogenic dart pistols, flurry gun stims and cloaks and just dominated even the toughest enemies with unfair daemon spawns ( 20 turns of +3 firewalls on EVERY device really? ). I also those portable servers, they're so good! Everything is just so useful you don't know what to bring to the mission even with 9 item slots. You need melee, ranged lethal and non lethal, grenades, servers, emp devices, door-traps, stims, paralyzer ecc. Just had some great fun in vault missions. Basically i run towards the actual vault with prism, throw the teleport beacon, bring in derek, take beacon and go towards the exit. Derek gets in the inner vault avoiding guards with cloak, places door trap and servers while i put parasites on the glass lockers. After 6 turns im at the exit, the cooldown on the beacon is over i steal everything, guards come in, shocked, alerted, and derek teleports to the exit! AWESOME

Love it.

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