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Help for a mod that drops items in place

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Czeraphine    139

Hello there! I made a small function that drops in place whatever item was held at the time. It would be useful for organising your base a little bit and not making it look like such a clutter (personally, I kind of just drop things approximately where I want them, and it looks like a mess over time).

I was wondering how I can implement this so that if I decided to drop a stack, it wouldn't drop a whole stack but individual items from that stack much like ctrl + right click drop. Below is the code: 

local function Drop()

if GLOBAL.ThePlayer.replica.inventory:GetActiveItem() then
        GLOBAL.ThePlayer.replica.inventory:DropItemFromInvTile(GLOBAL.ThePlayer.replica.inventory:GetActiveItem(), false)

GLOBAL.TheInput:AddKeyDownHandler(KEY_#, Drop)

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