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[I'm Working On] The Misfits Mod Collection

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Vargling    211


Shadow Man Sam Shipwrecked Shadow - The Shipwrecked Misfit (This guy is the unknown SW silho made into a Shadow character.)

Button Shadow - The Info Misfit (This guy is the Button Icons/Player Info silho from DST files.)

Unknown Mod Character - The Post-It Misfit (This guy is Post-it Shadow Wilson)

Avatar Shadow - The Picky Misfit (This guy is the circle ears default avatar when you're choosing character)

Tab Menu Shadow - The ? Misfit (this guy is the one you see on the tab menu of DST)

Maxwell Shadow - The Shadow Misfit (Maxwell's Minion)


They'll be done in no particular order, and will hardly be the best quality, but it'll be a fun project!

Perhaps I'll make some unimplemented character silhos into Misfits too, who knows?


(It's basically every unused 'silho' that's not really for a character + some other silho misfits. Not designed to fit in, they're misfits for a reason.)

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