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Clientside mod to replace a character's Anims, Bigportrait, Saveslot, Sound, etc - Can it be done?

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Vargling    211

I mean, without being hacky and overwriting the files themselves


Replacing Wigfrid with Winnie, Visually and - But not changing any of her actual perks or anything.

So her bigportrait becomes Winnie

Her title becomes "The Shepherd Girl", for example (thinking of keeping it as Performance Artist. A second role!)

Her sounds become Winnie's much sweeter sounds

In-game, she looks like her Winnie, her hat is a bonnet and her spear is a staff.

Perhaps even her strings would be replaced.


Like a new character, without the new character!


(Memories, eh @Kzisor?)


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halfrose    1220

jesus you are really desperate for Winnie aren't you? 

Not sure if you go to steam workshop very often but there are some Winnie mods if it is what you are looking for.

but if you really want to do just a visual replacer of sorts, maybe you can look around the workshop for mods that could do that, an example is a mod that changes the colorcube only for the client that has the mod on.

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