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SW tips?

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Donke60    3103

your be travling a lot and islands are random but a good place to set up camp would be with the jungle trees and palm trees or in a meadow because those have easy access to potatoes. when going to gather minerals carry a shovel with you because you will come accross volcanic piles that can only be dug with a shovel just stand back once your done because you might get hit with a volcanic geyser.

Don't worry about food so badly as it is every where just make sure you cook it and unless you have a boat light be on land before dark

The marsh is a lot more dangerous with the poison mechanic be weary of yellow striped snakes and spider warriors If you go into the marsh stay away from holes in the ground those are poison pockets carry a purifier and seashell armor to negate effects from position and flups like frogs but more annoying.with there leap attack look for eye stock poking out of the marsh floor also poison mosquitoes  if you get poisoned kill poison enemies for a venom gland poison is an overtime killer that gets really bad after the 2nd day as it increases in intensity

monkeys follow you till you leave the island (most of the time) feed them a banana to befriend them and they will give you items or fight each other there is an item that distracts them for a while if you have neither just hold space bar after mining or logging to pick up what you can.

Hound waves if you are on sea are replaced with shark fish they are fast but easily kiteable so just fight them on the water's edge as they can't walk on land

Treeguards are more annoying even though they are given less health(400) they have a range attack that does a lot and you end up fighting two at a time most of the time they are as far as I know the only living tree monster in the expansion

be careful where you place thing for your base as the tides will come in over the phases of the moon
don't constantly feed or bug wildbores as they have an aggrevation meter and will start attacking you

And winter is replaced with a season of constant heavy winds so make sure you have a chimera set up in spots you frequent so your fires don't blow out from wind

Don't give packim(chester) any fish he will eat it though he has a hunger bar if it gets filled enough he will change and give some inventory slots as long as his meter dosen't go below a certain amount

Finally make sure before you set sail you have at least a bamboo raft or travel is going to be slow and if you are attacked by a enemy at sea it will not harm you but will harm your boat instead your boat will wear down and unless you have a life jacket you will drown and die.

I will let you figure you everything out for yourself unless you have anymore questions  enjoy being a captain on the seven seas mate

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Mday    428

Been a long while since my last game. I tend to just explore as much as I can until I find the slot machine, the Yaarctopus and the seaworthy. Either set up my base somewhere in between the three points, or right by the seaworthy. Access to ROG world = access to every other major resource. If you want to play a SW only world then a base near Yaarctopus for the dubloon isn't a bad idea. Rush the Quacken for walking cane and booty bag early game.

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SimonL    14

Monkeys are actually quite easy to deal with once you understand their behaviour.

I always hammer down their houses for a huge amount of poop, bananas and twigs but they'll try to pick it all up. The trick is, to actually piss them off and attack them before you hammer down the houses or while they're trying to pick up your stuff. Then they'll try to maintain their distance from you and keep their hands off your stuff but they'll throw poop at you. Always pick up vegetable/fruit food items and poop or else they'll reload and throw more at you and make sure to pick up flowers, they're everywhere. The only hazard of this strategy is if there's a lot of berry bushes, then they'll reload and fire again.

If you do this right, you shouldn't lose any more sanity than you gain from picking a few flowers and you'll have food and twigs to quickly continue exploring.

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SimonL    14

For base set up, I find my opinion of where to set up changes all the time.

   Marshes: as Wickerbottom, I used to love setting up here so I'd always have enough papyrus to make books. I realized this is kind of stupid because you don't use nearly as much papyrus as you do in RoG.

   Rocky Biome: This could be really good or bad since the fissures can give you light/cookfires but things can get set on fire by accident, especially with strong winds blowing stuff around. However you could always put stone walls around them to stop that from happening. Also be aware that saplings and grass tufts can't grow on this turf, you'll have to dig it up with a pitchfork.

   *Jungle Biome: Annoying because of monkeys/snakes/spiders. Good for trees / vines / bamboo/ spider silk. Usually where I setup so I'll have a lot of starting trees to cut down with my pigs to jumpstart my tree farm. Just make sure to hammer down those monkey houses first and dig up those snake dens about 3 screens around where you set up. 

   *Beach Biome: Seashells, limpets, coconut trees, sand piles. Very nice, but the shores will start to flood you at night and especially at full moon. Be sure to place any kind of turf at the shoreline and that'll fix the problem.

   Meadow Biome: Has grass tufts and flowers. What's the point?

   Slot Machine Biome: This is usually a puny desert island with no resources. Don't set up here but it would be okay to set up a base on a nearby island provided that the island is resource rich. You could always make an expedition to the slots if you decide to setup far away. 

   Size: Large islands are good for a late game mega base, but you don't necessarily need all that space when you're just trying to survive the first year. Regardless, I usually like picking large islands that are resource rich, like a giant jungle, or better yet varied.

All in all, you could pick any of these biomes to set up in, even the ones I hate. As long as you make sure that certain exploitable resources are on nearby islands. Some things being sand from beaches, bamboo (I prefer digging them up over farming them), spiders, coral, and whatever is needed to jumpstart your base like trees and a few grass tufts / saplings so you can transfer them over to your farm. I don't like setting up a base so I can be near rocks/gold/flint since I usually gather them on specific mining expeditions.

Don't be too picky about where to set up, if you spend all your time looking for the ideal base, you'll have wasted all the days you could have spent preparing for sealnado or floodproofing your base. If you want a huge awesome mega base with adjacent islands with a slot machine like the streamers have, just move your base on like day 100, once you've stabilized. 



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