Singleplayer Don't Starve was all about a lonely, crushing wilderness where everything wants you dead. However, the past few months I have noticed a trend in multiplayer updates, instead of keeping the game as a survival game it seems to be turning into a party sandbox mess. The focus on cosmetics, optional bosses, pets, gates, and decorations make the game feels a lot less lonely, and a lot less like a wilderness. This is exactly what the old don't starve community was worried about when people suggested adding multiplayer, that the sense of danger, lonliness and true survival would be ruined. When DST first launched into its beta, it became clear that the competition for supplies even among friends balanced out the loss of loneliness, and created more danger in some cases, but ever since the game has received update after update adding features that turn the game into club penguin 2.0 I'm just worried as to what direction the DST team is trying to take the game in, because it definitely seems like they want it to be a socializing party game, not a brutal survival experience. Which would maybe be FINE if this was a new game, but its an expansion off of an already existing game. This post was kind of rushed out since im just venting how upset I am, I will probably edit later or add more or something.