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All Agents M.I.A.

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andr3w1sh    1

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I was playing a two-part mission in which Monst3r decided to join my roster of agents. During the course of the first part of the mission, both of my agents went down with no hope of revival, but I still had Monst3r, so I got him to the telepad and went to the second half of the mission. I finished the mission and saw in the debrief that both of my agents are M.I.A. So now I can't play any more missions because I don't have any active agents. I'm going to have to disband my agency and start over. This seems like an outcome that Klei didn't anticipate, but it is a real one. I was having my best run yet, too. Sad to see that Klei won't be updating this game anymore.

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