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Issues with enabling special music and vision changing for eater

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Tykvesh    682

I tried to add this function for my custom food: 

local function on_eat(inst, eater)

    TheWorld:PushEvent("enabledynamicmusic", false)
    if not TheFocalPoint.SoundEmitter:PlayingSound("beavermusic") then
        TheFocalPoint.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/music/music_hoedown", "beavermusic")
        day = "images/colour_cubes/beaver_vision_cc.tex",
        dusk = "images/colour_cubes/beaver_vision_cc.tex",
        night = "images/colour_cubes/beaver_vision_cc.tex",
        full_moon = "images/colour_cubes/beaver_vision_cc.tex",
        eater:DoTaskInTime(30, function()
            TheWorld:PushEvent("enabledynamicmusic", true)

When player eat this custom food he gets beaver's vision (except of night vision) and funny music for 30 seconds. This works perfectly for no caves world, but doing nothing on dedicated (overworld+caves) server.

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