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Unofficial Discontinued/Limited Klei items Megathread

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Vargling    211

Limited figures:

Gold Wilson (Unsure of official name. If you have a box picture on hand, please help! - Also unsure if it came with a gold tool.)

Survival Wilson  - Available here:

Zombie Wes - Available here:

Shadow Wilson - Available here:

Rock Candy WX-78 (Was given out at PAX, I believe. - Also came with a Candy shovel.)

Humble Wilson (A Christmas Gift from Humble Bundle to their Developer Associates in 2014. Very rare, believed there are roughly 50 around.)


Discontinued figures:



Limited plushes:

Shadow Beefalo

Ice Beefalo

Dubby Beefalo

Shadow Chester - Kickstarter Exclusive - 100 Made

Snow Chester - Kickstarter Exclusive - 250 Made


Discontinued plushes:



Limited one-off items:

Don't Starve pin pack

Don't Starve vinyl stickers

Both kickstarter exclusive, but then sold on store. Unsure which they'd fit into, Discontinued or Limited.


Please reply with anything I missed and I'll update the post. Thanks!

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