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Bug - withered/cut grass tufts in adv. mode

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DrJones    2

Android Device - Nvidia shield tablet
Model Number - Nvidia shield
Android OS Version Number - 6.01
Device Manufacturer - Nvidia


So i have had this happen to me on several occasions, getting the level "the game is afoot" and all the grass tufts are cut alreafy, not sure if this is an intentional thing for this level but as it seems to happen onøy in around 20% of the times i start it i figured I'd file a report in the hopes that this will actually be fixed.

I'm playing as wulfgang.

The issue could be related to a previously reported issue which i found on the forums:

On a side note, i experienced maxwell getting stuck in the intro to the adventure where his music was playing and he didnt despawn. I was able to move the character before the small cutscene ended and that probably caused the issue.

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