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AlexGM    16

Hey Klei. Can you do everybody who plays this game a favor and fix the inventory and dropping items? There have been posts about this for months and it's like you don't even read this forum. So many people with the exact same issue's throughout your revisions and yet still you sweep this game under the carpet. Seems to me you've abandoned this game because all of your bug fixes have been negligible. Also make an option on each item in your inventory when you tap to drop it where you are standing. DO IT. I've died so many times in the cave's and ruins because I cannot drop my latern because the inventory and item dropping is so bugged it's ridiculous. Adding a drop and a plant sapling option would be a huge step in fixing this issue but you do need to fix drag and drop. Please fix this soon or I'll be requesting a refund, I understand it's a beta but when you ignore all of these problems it doesn't seem like my money is a fair trade off.

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