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Anyone else having trouble with game slowing down?

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Beckaboo    0

Motorola x play 


I find around day 60 game play slows down so much that I eventually give up and start over, with the exception of one time where I made it in to the 90s without this issue . 

I've tried closing all open windows , clearing my cache , etc. Nothing helps. Avatar and mobs move so slowly it's painful , and always around the same point in the game. 

Is it just my bad luck or are there others with the same problem out there?

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AlexGM    16

Try those settings. if you're still getting lag turn grass and twigs down to less, that can get annoying because you have to dig up a lot of grass and saplings to get a reasonable supply of the two, but you won't lag. I think the trees are the real ram killer. u won't get as many trees so burning down a whole forest to get charcoal doesn't work but you can cut down trees and make your own forest to mass burn or burn the trees individually. trust me though there are more than enough trees. and yeah those penguin guys really kill my fps so disabling them has helped a lot too.




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