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Wilbur dodging

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I am at the teleportato in shipwrecked right now and thinking if I should switch to Wilbur, but the wiki says he is 8.3% slower than other characters when not running on all fours and attacking stops him from running fast. Will I be able to kite enemies like the rest of the characters?

Stuff like...

  • Tentacles
  • Frogs
  • Water beefalo
  • Sea hounds (Hard to dodge already)

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EsaiXD    800

i mean you would still be able to kite since his speed modifier isnt as bad as the piggy pack  which is  10 percent reduction so if you want to i guess practice a bit you could fight with a normal character wearing the piggy pack but i can say that it would be hard to run away from large amounts of enemies specially hounds and beef

this is just based off of wearing the piggy which is worst than his debuff


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