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[Game Update] - (BETA Preview) 194848

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Quyzbuk    635

Ship an afro with the cosmetics and everyone can indulge their inner Bob Ross too come next week.

(Video because too lazy to make a thumbnail and you'll enjoy it anyway.)

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mathem99    1926

@V2C Question:

Will I have to make a new world for these new features to take place (I know it's coming in 1 week)

Or will they be compatible with already existing worlds?

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Torrents    88
3 hours ago, Sinister_Fang said:

Actually, that'd be pretty neat if we could feed the hound pups gems to change them. You know what's better then a hound puppy? An ice hound puppy. Even if it is just cosmetic it would be nice if we could do this.

I'm not sure if they were planning something like this but it would be super cool. Ice Hounds are my favourite so having an ice puppy would be really neat.

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ImDaMisterL    21197
Just now, Sinister_Fang said:

But... it also has puppies and kittens. Everybody likes puppies and kittens.

What if they're allergic?

What if some of the characters are allergic too??

Oh no!!

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Arlesienne    8987
7 hours ago, CaptainChaotica said:

Annnddd...will the Queen Bee make springtime red bees not only annoying, but LETHAL?  Exactly how much more of a danger is your own bee-box going to pose? (And how much more dangerous is _making_ one in the first place going to bee? ;))  I just barely made one and now I'm looking at it nervously and backing away...

Anybody has any information about how and why the Queen Bees spawn, please let us know.  I am both fascinated and apprehensive.  : P

Hmm... The queen in the apian society is tasked with procreation alone. So mechanics similar to spider dens, maybe from killer beehives, could be at work. Imagine destroying such a hive, fighting the queen, and then she drops killer beehive sack. Making bees easily renewable, I guess!

12 minutes ago, Net Spectre said:

I... I always wanted a pet batlisk... Okay a whole goddamn swarm of them 

Now, this would be great! Let's not push our luck on our darkest perfectly reasonable desires being fulfilled (*cough* still have ramshackle roofs to go and, even just cosmetic, bigger ponds *cough*).

8 hours ago, Paxtonnnn said:

*deep breath*


Aren't they eweCUTIES?

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Lumina    2153

It's so funny. I'm trying to make a mod since a long time and i am very sloooooow (still hoping to finish it a day). So there is a scaregobbler in it, with a pumpkin head (and now there is a scarecrow in game with a pumpkin head), and i was wondering if something showing moonphase would be great (and now there is a moondial), and i was trying to include a bee queen (very simple thing, to make honeycomb renewable), and now the game will have it :D

(It's better, because i'm not really either quick for modding or good, so i can't do really complex things, neither for code or art. But i like the idea that some ideas i got are similar to ideas klei got :D )

I wonder what will come next.

This update looks really great. Great job :)

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AnonymousKoala    3637
5 hours ago, Wexton said:

YES. Finally i can make my farm of completly legal stuff.

oh wait,those are the mushroom farms from the last update.

Has anybody else seen how they are adding the stuff that people asked for sooooo long ago?

Our characters finally have the knowledge to make AND open doors (the last one its still a challenge to me)

We can finally make marble farms! i hope that they don't give that much marble or else kiting bosses won't be necesary anymore being able to make that many marble suits.

Also the new KING BEE! will we summon this one entering in the nest and breaking a larva and then dodge the bees it will shot like if it were a minigun?(hope someone gets the reference)

And of course PETS,they are AMAZINGLY cute,but i just want a terrorbeak as a Just imagine a little version of it jumping

around with a happy smile,and most importantly:not trying to kill you!

Also as probably you have already seen beind those fences,Webber will finally be able to keep his father's job

As always:you are amazing Klei,thanks for making what for lots of people its the best game on the world(for me for example) and upgrading it even more!

Also it seems like i won't be needing a world for this. I already got to kill toadstool but now i can take my time on doing the moon event,killing the shadow chess pieces and making that scale furnace.

1. Marble Suits will never be the meta. Many can't kite thanks to lag so having these not be too crappy is a nice thing for them, and the fact they make you so slow means you can't really move too much while wearing them, which is still needed for a bunch of things you fight.

2. reference.gif


1 hour ago, 9screamingkittens said:

Oh, you... I'll blush

Screaming kittens are even better. Especially if they can draw.

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