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Controls recommendation, fix multi-touch please

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Terminex    1

When switching from the virtual stick to the context sensitive action buttons, or vice versa, the game requires you completely remove your touch from one in order to use the other, even when movement has stopped. This results in very frustrating navigation and interaction, in my opinion. 

If this is intentional so you can't pick something up or attack while moving , please at least allow the context sensitive action or attack buttons to work when there is no movement being requested. being requested from the other. Having to completely remove my fingers from the screen in order to use another control mechanism is a huge annoyance. 

I tried to demonstrate this it the attached video with pointer location overlay. 

Device info:

  • Android Device: Galaxy Note 5
  • Model Number: SM-N920P
  • Android OS Version Number: 6.0.1
  • Device Manufacturer: Samsung

By the way, this is a great game! Thank you so much for making it!




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