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DwerBomb    6,118

"(Fixed) Gameplay slowing down after a long play session."


Ahh I really appreciate this

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FreyaMaluk    5,068
2 hours ago, Ipsquiggle said:

Another bugfix patch for Shipwrecked! Awesome! This time we were focused on performance improvements, especially in Shipwrecked worlds. Take 'er for a spin, feel the speed!

We also fixed up some lingering world merging/world travel issues, and we believe we've fixed the issues people were having with steam cloud saving failing to save at all (this resulted in things like caves being regenerated every time you tried to leave).

Also a note for PS4 Shipwrecked players: All the updates from the last few weeks have been bundled into a PS4 patch, so you'll get those after it is reviewed by Sony and submission is completed!


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awesome :)


Volcano/appeasement is correctly synchronized between worlds.

I think I'm gonna cry :) this is so good to be true :3

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Index    0

I play Don't Starve on the standalone version of the game and the updater says I'm "Up to date at version 190713", that is 3 updates behind. Does standalone version have delayed updates or is updater broken?

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