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mathem99    1940
On 19/10/2016 at 8:00 PM, Arlesienne said:

It's a gory varg song!

Come, come, seekers of dawn,
First wint'ry vargs are a-haunting
Come, come, innocent pawn,
Don't leave my darlings still wanting

Come, come, where'er ye roam
First wint'ry snow is a-falling
Come, come, far from yer home
Chilled to the bone, slowly crawling

Come, come, relentless drone
Rules of the game go a-broaching
Come, come, shiver and moan
Beasts of sheer legend approaching

Come, come, blood upon stone
Darkest of magic empow'ring
Come, come, reap what ye've sown
Fangs of this winter devouring

So this goes here just because my Project Rosebud players want vargs when Wes joins (you know, two badass species) and I'm running out of space on DA. Sorry!

Partially inspired by this tune of Grechuta's.


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