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Feature request trifecta (HID input, x86 support, Android TV)

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lostboy.exe    9

Funnily enough, these three all kind of tie in together with one of the few devices left in my house that can't run some variant of Don't Starve; the Google Nexus Player. It's an Android 6.0 (soon to be 7.0) device, running an x86 chipset and the Android TV front end.

Of course, these features could be useful for other devices too.

Adding HID input enables any device to use a BlueTooth or USB gamepad. From my experience with the console/handheld ports of Don't Starve, I found the existing control scheme to work very well - it was only rarely that it would "lock on" to the wrong resource to gather, and then it was just a quick shimmy to the side and it was sorted.

x86 support lets those poor Zenfone users suffer alongside the rest of us. And it also brings in the x86 set-top boxes, assuming that HID input is ready.

Finally, Android TV support would allow users of the Nexus Player or SHIELD TV to get in on the action - again, assuming that HID input is sorted.

Ideally, I'd be able to play a day or two of my world on my phone on my lunch break, save, quit, and via the magic of The Internets, my savegame could sync back home to my tablet and TV. Grab the controller, and pick up right where I left off.

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