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Bearger's aggro range

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Prakhar    138

Hello everyone!

Story time,

Once upon a time i was coming back up from the caves in my glitched save file (no hound attacks) and i see "a worthy foe is approaching". I run to the deciduous biome (closest and most isolated) and wait for the bearger to spawn. I get attacked by 4 hounds (no hound waves/desert). The bearger kills them. I stay away from him/her. It's night so i make a campfire. I am starving, no food. I spawn one honey ham. I eat it. I wait. Bearger waits. It's halfway through the night. Out of the blue, he attacks me. I live I run like crazy. Day comes. I kill him.

If you read all that, good for you! If you didn't, what i want to ask is:

What is the bearger's aggro range? It didn't onto me for a long time and we both stood there staring at each other.

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