The Cute Animal Thread

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Arlesienne    8985
10 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

Some more cute animals:

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(I don't care what other people say, rats and mice are adorable! ^u^)



(Again, I think these animals are cute)

And have a couple more foxes for good measure:



(You can have the fox, I want a fennec ^_^ )


They are (sobs quietly).

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Battal    9887

Actually, we just sorta give them whole fruits.  They're kinda like piranhas, but instead of skeletonizing cows they eat entire watermelons.  I saw one swallow an entire snake like a noodle.

...This isn't very cute, is it? 

eh, just have this video

(Look at the birds in the closest cages :P)

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MenaAthena    10301
10 hours ago, minespatch said:

Have you fed them apples, @Battal? Last time I was with chickens, I gave them small apple pieces.

Oh! That reminds me, when we got our first batch of chickens, we'd sometimes throw them apple cores and watch as chaos ensued. They'd all immediately dive in for the core, and the one chicken lucky enough to snag it would dash off with all the others in hot pursuit. The core would usually exchange beaks a few times before a chicken was finally able to hang onto it long enough to actually eat it. They'd do this with any large piece of food really. We called it chicken football. :3

And yes @GiddyGuy, we have chickens, although not very many right now.

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