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[suggestion] Pocket Edition - Crafting helper button

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Roniroll    6

Please put it in a thread in the right place.

1, I feel the fact that the game has to pause each and every time I want to create the same object multiple times (for example a trap, a plank etc. Or eat the same food multiple times). Additionally, I have to look the item up in the menu over again.
It would increase convenience and speed up the gameplay if there would be a shortcut button that could repeat the last command. That could, for example eat another unit of something, create another unit of something, place another one of something where ever you might be standing currently (like planting a tree or a trap).

2. Options: An option to change the sound output device. (jack, speaker, bluetooth)

3. Crafting: Whenever I create an object, I might not necessarily want to place it just then. I would be great to have a solution to create the object without immediately placing it. (At the moment I could only solve this by re-opening the menu.)

4. Support for external devices. (Keyboard, mouse, controller)


Bugs: (Galaxy S5 G900F)

All sound effects and music are echoing.

No visible fire on torches, yet they  provide light.




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