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Help with some codes.

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mathem99    2003

Hello everyone, I require help with making some tweaks with some characters (this is for a personal mod, but I MAY release it...)


When his hunger is:

76% - 100% =  From +10% (76%) Up to +40% (100%) Faster mining and chopping speed.

40% - 75% = From 0% (40%) Up to +10% (75%) Normal mining/chopping speed.

39% - 0% = From 0% (39%) Down to -20% Slower mining and chopping speed.

When hunger reaches 0 = he loses a lot more health (-5 per 2 seconds)


His balloons give a +0.75 sanity per minute (the more balloons the more sanity gain)

The radius is as big as 1 turf.

Sanity Loss = Increased Speed:

The bigger the sanity loss the bigger Wes' speed is, so:

He gains a 5% speed bonus based on the sanity loss of every 10 sanity so if near a spider and he loses -25 sanity per minute that means that he gains 25/10 = 2.5, the 5% of 2.5 = 0.125, so he gains a +0.125 speed (the maximum speed he can get is 1.50 because bearger's sanity loss is 400 and if I made it so he has no speed limit he will gain +2 speed [3.00 speed] which is insanely fast!) Also the night/ dusk/ darkness/ evil flowers sanity loss does not effect the speed gain!


WX-78 can eat Electrical Doodads for +30 health, he can also eat frazzled wires for +50 health and +20 sanity (perfect for the ruins)


New Book:

Space and planets:

Costs 2 papyrus 3 moon rock nuggets

Spawns 10-15 meteors near the player and has a 5% chance for a moon boulder to appear on every hit.

Scrapped cause I can't draw.


Spiders and spider warriors that are Webber's friends will not eat anything from the floor.


I wanna do something special for Abigail:

I want to be able when I Right-Click her to change her status:

But if you click Alt or Ctrl it will "remove" (temporarily while you have either one of those buttons pressed) the "Change Status" option and have the normal Examine / Attack / Walk To options.

1. Passive Abigail (She won't attack any creature at all! No matter what happens)

2. Aggressive Abigail (She will attack anything that gets close to her or anything that attack Wendy)

3. Protective Abigail (She will attack anything that hurts Wendy)

The status will appear when you hover your cursor over her name, so instead of Abigail it will say: "Examine Aggressive Abigail" "Examine Protective Abigail" "Examine Passive Abigail", etc.

Thanks overall.

I hope someone can help me.

Edited by mathem99

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mathem99    2003
25 minutes ago, Asparagus said:

I'm up for some :3

<3 Abi

With the Abigail tweak you'll finally be able to play with Wendy without having to fear Abigail is gonna go all crazy against a spider army of 600

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NeddoFreddo    1078
19 hours ago, mathem99 said:

Scrapped cause I can't draw.

Well lol theres probably some artist who'd draw that for you, it's only a little inventory image and ground build they'd have to draw.

Good ideas btw.

Edited by NeddoFreddo

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