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Day Count Revert Bug SW

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Y'know what kills the game? freaking BUGS! It doesn't end and why does some bugs keeps popping out when it doesn't happen before? I'm currently on the latest update Seas The Day and here's the bug. Whenever I switch to Volcano then back to the normal SW world, the day reverts to day 205 which is supposed to be day 212 already because that's the last time I was ontop of the volcano and day 205 was the day I climbed it and from now on every day in game that has passed and then save my game, when I open Don't Starve again it currently says like World 1 - 212 and then when I load it, it reverts to freaking day 205! I tried skipping days on the console/commands to make it fair but every freaking time I save like the farthest I've got was day 219 and it's already mild season?? (supposed to be on day 222 based on calculations) and then I saved and when I get back in game it FREAKING REVERTED TO DAY 205!!! But it's still mild season... it seems that the day count for seasons phases doesn't revert but the day count is still a freaking big deal! THIS KINDS OF BUGS IS THE MAIN REASONS WHY PEOPLE RAGE QUITS THE GAME AND DON'T PLAY IT FOR LIKE MANY MONTHS BECAUSE WE LOSE TRACK OF TIME WAITING FOR AN UPDATE WHERE WE ALREADY FOUND A BETTER GAME TO PLAY AND JUST IGNORE THIS! I'm really sorry for the exaggerations of my sentences because I just wanna point out my ANGER and point out why I don't play this game continuously due to bugs. It's just not the same anymore... I feel like I might get a refund because I don't enjoy what I worked hard for anymore... The years that I've been here in the forums and the gap of time from when I'm playing this game until I quit and play again after so many months is still not worth it. I regret buying SW now...

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