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Mod Idea: Waverly.

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mathem99    1817

Hello everyone.

I'm planning on making a Waverly mod, I require help with a artistic hand to draw her and her assets:


Her stats:

Health - 135

Hunger - 150

Sanity: 175

She gains sanity from negative sources (+4.5 [Merms, tentacles, evil flower, etc etc]), gain no sanity from hats/positive auras (flowers giver her 0 sanity, but evil flowers give her +10 sanity)

She starts with a Witch hat which is the only item that gives her sanity (+2.55 per min) lasts for 6 days can be crafted for 4 silk, 2 spider gland

She also has a witch cauldron (a black eerie reskin of Warly's portable crock pot) if she tried to cook any food in the cauldron it will 100% be wet goop (Art on this)

With her Witch cauldron she can cook potions (which she can drink and force-feed others)


Health Potion:

When drank: +55 health, -5 sanity, -5 hunger

Can be cooked with 1 red caps 1 twig 1 ice 1 butterfly wing

Takes 35 seconds to be cooked in cauldron

Sanity Potion:

When drank +65 sanity, +0 health, -10 hunger

Can be cooked with 2 green caps 1 twig 1 (Any fruit)

Any negative sources will be lowered by 50% (So for example: near spider you lose 12.5 sanity [Normal = 25])

All positive sources will be lowered by 25% as well.

Takes 45 seconds to be cooked on cauldron

Strength Potion:

When drank character deals 2.5 damage +15 Speed (Wolfgang/Wigfrid don't get extra damage) - 25 Sanity,  -10 Hunger

Duration: 30 seconds

Can be cooked with 2 (vegetables) 1 twig 1 glommer goop

Takes 1 minute to be cooked on cauldron

Acid Potion:

She can throw at enemies making them lose 75 sanity and -5 per 2 seconds for 10 seconds (-25 damage [100 damage overall]) it's a splash damage so it's great for a group of enemies

Can be cooked with 1 spear 1 monster meat 1 durian 1 mosquito (catched)

Reflection Potion

When drank 50% attack enemies deal will be reflected into them (you still take 100% damage from the attack armor doesn't count the reflection)

Duration: 20 seconds

Can be cooked with 1 crow feather 1 ice 1 hound tooth 1 pig skin

Nightvision Potion:

When drank you gain night vision (like moggles)

Duration: 35 seconds

Can be cooked with 2 moleworms 1 twig 1 blue cap

Takes 1:30 minutes to be cooked on cauldron

Intelligence Potion:

When drank unlocks all recipes but you can craft only one item (you still require all of the resources for that item) -50 sanity +0 hunger.

Can be cooked with  1 phelgm 1 eel 1 nightmare fuel 1 gold nugget

No one else can use her cauldron but they can pick it up (so it can be moved)

Spiders/Hounds/Merms/Tentacles don't attack her unless engaged.

Pigmen will not follow her and they won't eat anything she gives them

If she eats glommer goop she gains +50 health +25 sanity and +10 hunger (only her)

I got no idea how to mod this character so I need:

A person to make her art+assets/etc

A person to make her code/code for cauldron/Witch hat,etc

I'll give 100% credit to the persons who helped with the code and art.

This is more of a concept of a character cause if this isn't going to be "my" mod cause those 2 persons who will help with art+code will have done ALL the work.

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