So I started a new game and after previous worlds almost completely devoid of water beefalos on the "default" setting I changed it to "More Beefalos". Unfortunately something probably bugged out and now every single island is absolutely infested with the buggers. There are like 10-20 on every one of them. Plus they went immediately into their mating season so thorough exploration is impossible since they're very aggressive. I don't suppose there's any console way to change that? I'm at day 15, having explored quite a bit of the sea - since exploration on land is pretty much out of the question - and found some rare things (dumbrella in a steamer trunk, a few brain stalks, Yaarctopus near my base island). I really don't feel like scrapping the world. I know the beefalos will go passive again but the world just looks completely silly with hundreds of them everywhere. Is there a way to despawn them somehow, even individually if I have to?