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[Gameplay] Day Count Bug SW / RoG Respawn

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Do you use mods?


Version Number


Issue Title

Day Count Bug SW / RoG Respawn

Steps to Reproduce

  • start a new Game RoG
  • let a few days pass
  • activate a Touch Stone
  • travel to SW
  • make sure that you dont have a resurrection possibility in SW
  • die by drowning (maybe other ways of death work as well, I'm not sure right now)
  • you get resurrected a the Touch Stone in RoG
  • [optional] let a few days pass
  • travel to SW
  • your Day Count will be number of days until you died in SW + number of total days played

Descripe your Issue

I played a SW compatible Game in RoG. My Character was Wigfried. In early Days I activated a Toch Stone. In about Day 70 + someting I managed to build a Seaworthy and traveld to SW. I was spawned in SW at random starter Island (not at the Seaworthy, but I think that is intentional). I was not able to get a resurrection possibility in SW. At day 118 I drowned due to a shark attack. Afterwards I was resurrected at the activated Touch Stone in my RoG Wold. At day 120 I decided to go back to my SW world. I spawned at the SW Seaworthy at Day 318 and died due to a strong wave of houds whitch spawned immediately. Furthermore it was Darkness when I was spawned although it was the middle of the day (according to the clock - but this Issue was not reproducible).

Afterwards I tested If this bug is reproducible (yes it is and if the difference between the Day Count you left RoG and entered SW is big enough a wave of hounds will spawn right now).

I think the Issue is that the day count in SW is not logged correctly by traveling back to RoG through resurrection instead of a Seaworthy. So it sets the SW Day Count as if you would be in SW for the first time to its own Day Count (118, would be 0 if you were starting SW for the first Time) + the total Day Count in RoG.


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Em... what was I thinking by discribing my Issue.... the day I spawned in SW was 238 (318 was a day I produced by reproducing that problem via console debug)...

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