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Bug Report : Savegame crash

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Qwarrock    0

Hi ! Just bought the game last Sunday, and already have a big annoying crash in game, and in the savegame.

I tried 2 times (I did a new game 2 times) and I have each time the same crash:


It happen in Days 2 always at the same time, when Monst3r speak about finding something like a data center. He begin to say something like : "you guys are good at covering your tracks (...)"

> After all that speach I select a mission ...

> Then launch it...

> Then...

> Nothing! the game don't do anything and by clicking on the mouse I have the option to close the program (who stopped to work) ... A crash. 


>> After that, lauching that savegame crash the same way.



Here my savegame.lua (1st save, others are empty)



PS. I REALLY love this game... If only I could play...


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