Since the klei continues ignoring the bugs it will a question when you launch pro ps4 goes all buggy like ta now and with all this lag ? all this lack of care with the dlc ? I bought it on the day that I leave know why ? because the klei never disappoints the more I'm seriously thinking about these things early access why? the shipwreckd already leave for a long time of early access and these bugs and this evil optimization is desperately waiting for a bug fix of at least 500mb because besides the SW to be around today, with this thing connecting the worlds, the RoG was all buggy also the SW has bugs and lag to give and to sell the klei this bypassing this so I post only in bugs DS SW because it is of no use then came to the DST that and your focus because the single left the whole buggy this and something to do with the long time fans of klei ? and don't tell me that you are focusing on the dlc of the DST because you have two games in production waiting for answer from you klei or you are going to ignore the fans only because the DST ta having more people will stop to meet the fans ? I hope not, because I can not stand to lose worlds on the DS Even more of a dlc pay it makes me think if I still want to play Don't starve. ps: don't abandon the DS it was that it all started if you are going to do other dlc's in the future, I hope that is not the whole bugada as this and this.