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Random Seasons Glitch?

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CaptainChaotica    5511

EDIT:  Can some mod or somebody like that put this in the "Don't Starve Bug Tracker" forum?  I messed up and posted it in the wrong place.

So I'm playing Reign of Giants (with Shipwrecked compatibility, not that that'll be relevant anytime soon) and I'm trying it with seasons set to "Random" for the first time.  I understand this means that their lengths will be, well, random. 

But _twice_ now I've come back to a saved game to find it a different season besides the one it was when I saved.

Sure, "random" lengths can include the "none" setting...but it changed when absolutely no game-time had happened at all!  First, I came back from early Spring, only like, 3 days in, to find the world had turned all sepia-toned.  (And I was like:  "You have GOT to be kidding me!"  Luckily it was the mildest RoG summer ever; it rained almost the entire time and seemed as if the world hadn't gotten spring out of its system.  Rain = no fires = yay.)

Just now, I came back from a save that was _clearly_ in Summer, it was 2? of the season, I had (finally!) gotten some more gears for a fling-o-matic, had my straw hat and umbrella, was all set up to combat overheating and sudden find the lighting looked wrong again and my character was...FREEZING what the hell?!

Yes, in the space game time whatsoever, it had finished summer, skipped autumn and gone straight to winter.  (One _hell_ of a winter too, by the looks of it. This is a can't-leave-your-fire-for-two-seconds kinda deal.)  And unfortunately, I had no winter clothing at all since, well, I thought I'd have all of summer and autumn to get around to shaving beefalo..!

Okay, so, random is random.  But changing between saving a game and loading it?  No.  This has got to be some kind of glitch.

Has this happened to anyone else?


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