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(H) Bandaged Body, Backpacks, buncha cards (W) Any Tuxedo or Shadow Suit/Dress/Gown/Frock

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Tumalu    547

"Any tuxedo" doesn't mean I'll trade the body for the gloves (not that I'm unwilling to trade for tux gloves with other things!), I more mean either the Tuxedo or Striking Tuxedo :p Might accept the Unshadow Suit if I don't get better offers. I have a trade hold (until June ~10), but I'm also willing to give a decent amount of trading cards away in the deal to make up for that and item value, since for me it's a notable pain to go through selling dozens and dozens of cards, especially with the hold.

Make an offer (since you might want to negotiate how many cards or whatnot) or send me one!

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